Wrist Candy by Cutey

Cutey Shamballa Bracelets*
 Afternoon Sweeties!

Today I have to show you these gorgeous Shamballa style bracelets that were sent to me by the lovely Ashley at Cutey!

My snaps really do not do these bracelets justice as to how sparkly they are, but I have to say I absolutely love them! The Shamballa/Tresor Paris craze started earlier this year when various celebs were pictured wearing them. Alot of the bracelets retail from 50 pounds right the way up to 150 pounds! Which in all honesty I probably wouldn't pay. If you look at the Shamballa website you can get gold, ruby or sapphire stones but I just don't think they look *that* much better for how expensive they are!

These little beauts cost 18.99 and are so much sparklier than any others I have seen for cheaper. They have a good weight to them and measure up in terms of sparkly beads for your money! Most of the cheaper ones are around the 7 bead mark but these are a very generous 9 beads and it fits perfectly around my wrist.

I would highly recommend these as a gift for yourself or your pals or family! The delivery was great, they were very well packaged and Cutey's branding is really lovely. To purchase these bracelets and check out Cutey's website please click here. To follow Cutey on Twitter please click here.


  1. My most recent post is a review on a Cutey bracelet too as I won mine on a twitter competition!
    I love it so much, I haven't taken it off haha :)

  2. Great bracelet! Congratulation! It's amazing how shamballa bracelets conquer more and more popularity. Very shiny and attractive stuff :)


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