Welcome to the wonderful online world of me and my thoughts.

My name is Sally and SweetieSal is my little corner of the web where I have a voice (that may or may not be listened to depending on your Blog reading preferences) and I can give my oh so wise(!) opinions and feedback on a variety of topics! I am based in Manchester and have been blogging since March 2012.

In terms of earning the pennies, I have a day job in HR which I also love - and the reason I started this blog (which is so completely different from what I do from day to day) is that I'm very creative and really wanted to do something that was completely mine.

I absolutely love reading all the comments I get on here and I truly feel touched when someone has obviously taken the time to read my content - I genuinely started this for myself and anyone who stumbles across my blog is an added bonus for me!

I love to work with established and up and coming brands/companies and am open to receiving products or services for review purposes. I will always be honest and will not accept items that I do not feel fit in with the content of my blog.

If you want to get in touch please email me on hello@sweetiesal.com.


  1. Great blog you have here, Sally! I've just stumbled across your blog and hit the follow button as soon as I finished reading the nude polishes post. Loved the quality of the content.
    Greetings from India! :)

  2. Nice to see someone blogging from Manchester! We have a private tuition school and would be highly obliged if you can recommend us as private tutors in Manchester. Thanks.


Thanks for your comments, I will try and respond to every one so please check back! :o)