I have decided to create a fun to-do list housing all of my weird and wonderful things I want to do and achieve.

I will update this as and when I make this happen and will also dedicate a blog post now and then to how I'm getting on! Someone once told me, 'if you believe, you will succeed' and whilst it is super cheesy I think it is completely true.

So here it is;
  1. Be able to go abroad for work.. even if just for a short time!
  2. Achieve a professional qualification - DONE!
    In 2012 I was awarded with a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from MMU.
  3. Get a nice graduation photo to replace my HIDEOUS undergrad one - DONE!
  4. Find my own place - DONE!
  5. Attend a Blogger Event - DONE!
  6. Be invited to a product launch/press day as a result of my blog - DONE!
  7. Go back to New York.
  8. Organise the BESTEST Hen Do's for my 3 BFFs - DONE!
    We've done Majorca, an Essex themed Bash, a Scouse Tastic trip to Liverpool and Marbs! Check out my top tips for Hen Do Planning here.
  9. Win Something BIG - DONE!
  10. Customise an item of clothing - DONE!
  11. Get a professional camera instead of relying on iPhone - DONE!
  12. Buy a Domain name - DONE!
  13. Go Glamping.
  14. Go to a day festival - DONE!
  15. Wear my amazing flower hairband that is too festivally for real life - DONE!
  16. Make a Button Canvas.
  17. Re-learn conversational French or Spanish.
  18. Sing in front of an audience.
  19. Successfully bake something sweet - DONE!
    Check out my recipe for Chocolate Beetroot Cake!
  20. Organise my room - DONE!
  21. Have my teeth whitened - DONE!
    Sale Dental Spa made this dream come true and I cannot recommend them enough!
  22. Reach 1000 Twitter Followers - DONE! 
  23. Host a proper dinner party for my friends.
  24. Get up to 100 blog posts - DONE!
  25. Stay up to late enough to watch the sunrise - DONE!
  26. Sell old clothes online - DONE!
  27. Reach 5000 page views - DONE!
  28. Find the perfect Mascara - DONE!
  29. Learn how to properly blow dry my own hair.
  30. Do a makeup artistry course.
  31. Be featured in a magazine - DONE!
    It's almost done I guess, but my mug is featured in the August 2013 Wedding Ideas Magazine.. next aim is to be featured because of my blog.. :)
  32. Lose weight - ideally another 4 stone! - HALF DONE!
  33. Complete the other mandatory beauty modules to achieve my Beauty Therapy qualifications!
  34. Get an iPad for Blogging on the go - DONE!
  35. Reach 7500 page views - got to keep up the momentum now - DONE!
  36. Be invited to/attend Manchester Fashion Week - DONE!
  37. Be invited to/attend London Fashion Week - DONE!
  38. Go to Amsterdam!
  39. Reach 10,000 page views - DONE!
  40. Reach 100 GFC Followers. Keep adding me people!!!! - DONE!
  41. Go to Paris - DONE!
  42. Get my hands on a Quilted Chanel Bag - DONE!
  43. Wear my very first Bikini EVER - DONE!
  44. See the Northern Lights.
  45. Get in my amazing #adresstoimpress in Christmas 2013! - DONE!
  46. Go to a masquerade ball.
  47. Take a trip on the Orient Express.
  48. Do the colour run - DONE!
  49. Stay in a Capsule Hotel.
  50. Run the Manchester 10K - DONE!!! :-D
  51. I'd like to try a pottery making class! - DONE
    A wonderful trip to Wedgwood gave me the opportunity to make my own vase :-D
  52. Slip on some ballet pumps and channel my inner ballerina at a Ballet Class.
  53. Go to Jump Nation for a Trampolining Class - DONE!
    I can highly recommend this, I went to an exercise class and it was super fun!
  54. Get a job in Fashion or Beauty - DONE!
    Controversial.... it ain't all it's cracked up to be!
  55. Go away on a City Break on my own.. I think I would really enjoy just pleasing myself and seeing and doing what I want!
  56. Get a tattoo.
  57. Get my ears pierced again - DONE!
  58. Upgrade my professional CIPD Membership to MCIPD - DONE!
  59. Try a Beauty Treatment that scares me - DONE!
    Hello Hollywood Wax!!!
  60. Book a Smear Test - DONE!
  61. Go to LA.
  62. Try Spinning - DONE and LOVED it!!!
  63. Watch the sunrise whilst doing Yoga!
  64. Visit Alcatraz.
  65. Catch a last minute flight to a random destination.
  66. Holiday in a log cabin in the snow.
  67. Go to Harry Potter World.
  68. Build a Gingerbread House - DONE!
    Well. I say build. But really I just decorated and mother of god that was hard enough!

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