I love discovering new things and then talking about it with my readers and friends. I am the go-to gal in my friendship group for beauty items as I will try just about anything once!

I always love to work with brands/companies and am open to receiving products or services for review purposes. I will always be honest, but I don't believe in speaking negatively either so I would rather not talk about a product than write something mean.

I do sometimes consider sponsorship and collaboration opportunities, please get in touch to find out my up to date rates.

I can be contacted on

All products that are featured on my blog were purchased by myself and if not I will state otherwise.

Any PR Samples, items that have been gifted to me or similar will be marked with an asterisk (*).

Please be assured that I am super honest (sometimes brutally) so any items that have been given to me for free will never affect my  reviews. All thoughts and opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own.

The majority of photos displayed on my blog have been taken by myself unless otherwise stated. For products I do not have photos of I often copy and paste from the brand's website and will include a link to the item. 

I always try to credit the source of any photos that are not taken by myself, however this is not always possible.