Weekday Wishlist #12

1. Topshop Lace Swing Coat, 2. ASOS Rose Gold Chain Bracelets, 3. Louise Gray for Topshop Makeup Brushes, 4. ASOS Tweet Tee
Another weekday, another wishlist! I don't know about you guys but I am mightily unimpressed with the RUBBISH August weather we are currently experiencing. I wore a long sleeved t-shirt to bed last night which for me means it's basically winter *sadface* and I am back in my trusty black opaque tights which just feels wrong.

Me and my sister normally go with the rule that unless a month has an 'R' in it we don't wear tights.. well, that rule is officially broken!

I am LUSTING after this gorgeous lace coat from Topshop.. it completely reminds me of the amazingly whimsical Parisian Wardrobe that Carrie wears in SATC.. completely unrealistic for normal daily life but so so beautiful! I absolutely adore the lace detail and shape, pretty rolled up sleeves and mini length - it is very me! However as much as I appreciate this little beauty, the rational voice inside me says, Sally, you are a spiller. A peach, delicate coat?! Really? So let's all say a prayer that Topshop make this in a darker hue :o)

These rose gold chunky bracelets I just really liked - they are cheap and cheerful and would be a most welcome addition to my #wristcandy collection! Any iPhone users out there, check out the wrist candy hash tag on instagram and be prepared to have an overwhelming urge to go out and mass purchase bracelets and watches!

I HAD to go and check out the Louise Gray for Topshop Collection after all the Twitter hype that built in the run up to launch! Whilst they didn't have the clothing range in my local store, they had the makeup range which was delightfully bright and playful (not really my style on the face) but there were gorgeously sparkly nail polishes and these lovely brushes! At 32 for the set they are quite expensive in my opinion. Pretty, but it's not as though Topshop are known for high quality makeup brushes and in all honesty I think they have got the price point all wrong. If that kit was say 20 pounds like the Real Techniques sets I would have snapped it up, but with them being a full 10 pounds more I held off!

Us Bloggers tend to be rather obsessed with Twitter and I simply have to buy this tee from ASOS! It is a complete bargain at 12 pounds and I love it! Simple and very current! :o)

So what is everyone hunting out this week?


  1. love this post! especially the bracelets

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

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