Blink and You'll Miss It!

Ok so you won't miss it.. that's a fib, but I thought I would write about my experience with Blink Brow Bars today as I wanted to rave about their fantastic service!

I am relatively new to brow grooming being done by anyone other than myself and as my self inflicted pain threshold continues to diminish rapidly I decided to have a look for a quick solution to my increasingly unruly brows that didn't involve me having to half heartedly pluck away with the old faithful tweezerman's!

I have heard horror stories and seen pictures from friends who had had burns from waxing so I was reluctant to opt for that hair removal method. I had heard really good things about threading and upon the recommendation from a friend I went to Blink Brow Bar in Selfridges in the Trafford Centre.

I have been a few times now, and whilst I still get the flaming red brow from it
(I have super sensitive skin) I love the results. They are so neat and precise and whilst it is uncomfortable I can take it as I know how nice the results will be! My last appointment barely took 3 minutes and they were back to their highly groomed glory and I am so pleased with how they look.

The brow shape costs 17 pounds which I agree is expensive, but I think that the service you get is worth it. I stood and watched someone do one of the 5 pound jobs at a Superdrug and it didn't look half as professional or sanitary, and the woman doing it started using scissors on someone's eyebrows which frightened me slightly! Also with Blink they do a loyalty card scheme where you purchase 5 eye brow shapes and get 2 free which makes them actually cost 12 pounds ish per visit which I really don't think is that bad.

I find that as the threading gets rid of the baby fine wisps that I have to do minimal upkeep between appointments as there are hardly any hairs left to come through! I fill in my brows (as mine as a naturally pale mousey brown) with MAC Brow Pencil in Taupe however I have just had a look on the MAC website to find a link to this product and I can't find it *hyperventilates* so I am hoping it hasn't been discontinued?! I don't like the spin up ones as I find they break really easily!

So there you have it! I have found a new treatment that I enjoy having and love the effect - have you ever found any treatments that have been a total surprise to you?


  1. Great post !

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  2. love it, they look lovely gorgeous xx


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