More Hen Action in T Minus 8 Days

I cannot tell you how excited I am getting about the next hen do I am on in just 8 days! Feels like all I have done for the past few months is go on hen do's and enjoy the complete girlieness of them!

The next one I am going on is my friend Steph who I am bridesmaid for (on 15th Sept - wish her luck on Twitter, her name is @stephledigo) and there are 12 of us heading to Palmanova in Majorca for a long weekend.

We don't have huge amounts planned as such apart from cocktails, dancing, tanning and giving Steph the best, last unmarried weekend EVER!

We are travelling in the early hours of Thursday 6th Sept from Manchester so if you see anyone with a hen do t-shirt then come say hi! We have got them done by a company in Manchester called T-Shirts 2 Print.
T-Shirt 2 Print Design

They have loads of pre-made graphics you can pick from and have a massive range of t-shirts and vests you can select. I will pick them up on Saturday and will post a pic of how they turn out!

I am now starting to think about what I need to do in the next couple of days so I think considering I love a to do list I will post it on here;
  1. Travel Insurance.
  2. Pedicure.
  3. Hen Do Decorations.
  4. Packing.
  5. Hen Do Playlist for the iPod in Hen HQ (a.k.a our room).
  6. Dig out the adaptors (where do the damn things go?!)
  7. Misc Grooming; including hair mask, bikini line, face mask.
  8. Fake Tan.
  9. Buy my Euros.
  10. Suncream - has to be Hawaiian Tropic!
  11. Print all the various vouchers we need from Travel Republic.
  12. Create an itinerary for the girls.
  13. Collect our t-shirts to travel in.
  14. Decide on the capsule wardrobe and makeup collection.

I am sure there will be other things to remember but at least if it is on here I have a reference point!

We booked our trip through Travel Republic and it was a group booking for 12. In all honesty, Travel Republic were great at first but I have had quite a few issues with their suppliers since booking so I have a few tips if you are looking to book a group trip in the future....

  • BEWARE if the flights are being booked through Avro - insist that they book direct with the airline as they have been a big problem for us. Rather ridiculously they have a policy that for group bookings - everyone has to take luggage or no one can. So in our case, we are away for 3 nights so it is absolutely a farce that they would expect us ALL to take 20kg worth of luggage at 34 pounds per person! We are now having to just pay the 50 per case at the airport as they literally would not budge. Travel Republic were like yeh sorry nothing we can do - it's a joke Avro are their supplier yet they are unable to do anything?
  • BMI Flight changes - Some of the girls need to travel on Friday night as they cannot get the time off work so we booked evening flights with BMI which would have been fine. BMI then changed their flight time to early afternoon which obviously wasn't suitable. Travel Republic could only offer us a free move to a flight on the Saturday which would mean the girls would have less than 24 hours away.. I tried to dispute it but to no avail - they have now had to buy outbound flights through easyJet!
  • Name Changes - One of the girls dropped out and we had to pay 120 pounds to change a name which I think is ridiculous!
So all in all, not that impressed with them. I would recommend them to book normal holidays but for group bookings they haven't been very flexible at all!

I actually can't wait for some sunshine now though so get ready for lots of excited posts all about it!

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