Weekday Wishlist #9

iPad 2, River Island Quilted Flatforms, Nicki Minaj for OPI: Pink Friday, M&S Floral Blazer, Cath Kidston iPad Case, Marc Jacobs Leather Bag.
Good Morning Sweeties!

I cannot believe I am up to Weekday Wishlist 9! That means I have been compiling these Wishlists for 9 weeks now! (I love that I can find 6 or so items every week without fail that I want/need in my life!)

This week is no exception and I will get right into it with item number 1. I WANT AN IPAD 2! Ever since I remembered the computer purchase programme at work where you can buy a computer essentially interest free and spread it over a number of months, which then lead me to having a wee look on the Apple website and discovering I can get a brand new basic WIFI iPad 2 for 329 pounds I have been slightly obsessed by the thought of buying one. Just cos I can!

Now this really is where your feedback comes in.. how easy is blogger to operate on an iPad? I make a mish mash of images using Paint (is that on there? Or would I have to use something else to combine images to make one image? I know nothing!) But anyway I really really want one.. my trusty pink Dell laptop has seen better days and now that I no longer have essays to churn out I figured an iPad would suit my needs perfectly!

Number 2 are these gorgeous quilted flatforms from River Island. Retailing at 25 pounds I think they look really nice and way more expensive that that. They do them in black, and a red tartan with silver studs (these looked slightly goth/emo and therefore not really my style but still nice!) I think they would be perfect to throw on!

3 is the Nicki Minaj for OPI shade 'Pink Friday'. I have actually just purchased this from ASOS for a bargainous 6.50 as it was on sale. I absolutely adore the colour, don't have similar in my collection believe it or not and I have read really good things about how nice and opaque it is on!

This gorgeous patterned jacket from Marks and Spencer has made it onto the wishlist as the colours are really lovely. I saw this blazer in the flesh last night and really fell in love with the fabric and pattern itself. I think this would look fab over so many items in my wardrobe.. it may have to be purchased! And it's a bargain! 39.50 for a beautifully shaped and lined blazer is a steal!

I can't exactly get an iPad and not have a lovely case to carry it around in.. therefore the Cath Kidston iPad Sleeve has to be on the list! I do have a rather unhealthy obsession with Cath Kidston and the various gorgeous prints. It pretty much makes the decision that if I do get an iPad it will have to be in white to match this...

As usual I like to throw one item on that really ain't gonna happen. This week's is the BEAUTIFUL Marc Jacobs Cream Bowling Bag. I don't know how much it is, I don't know if it is real leather.. but if I won the lottery this week I would be hunting this bad boy down as it is serious arm candy!

What are you lusting after this week?!


  1. Great pics! Ipad 2 is a tad out of my own price range but the quilted flatforms and OPI polish are going straight on my shopping list! :) x


    1. The flatforms looked pants on my feet *sob* think it's because I am between sizes! Gutted...

      Thanks for reading! xx

  2. Nice post, I like these so much! This ipad case is so beautiful!!!


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