Weekday Wishlist #8

New Look Pleather Skirt, GREAT Hair, Nars Foreplay Blush Palette
This week's wishlist is just 3 things.

As you will see and are probs getting bored of by now.. the quest for a skater skirt that isn't ridiculously short continues! This faux leather number from New Look looks like it *could* be ok but these things are so deceptive online! I found a lovely lace one from River Island that just ended up being obscenely short when I went to try it on - I am pretty short too so just can't understand why I am having this issue! So, anyway rant over.. this one from New Look is from the Inspire range which caters for size 18+ so I might be able to get one size bigger and wear it lower on the hips? We shall see anyway!

This with a band tee tucked in and studded shoes could be THE groupie outfit I go for in Majorca!

I NEED THIS HAIR. I have complete hair envy of this girl after spotting a random posting on Pinterest (which by the way is AMAZING for ideas on just about everything) which has prompted me to think about getting a hair cut. I have been growing my hair for AGES now and it is just about getting there to the length I am wanting but my ends are starting to get a bit ratty so it's probably about time for a trim.. I am loving the long layers of this cut though it looks beautiful!

Finally.. the Nars Foreplay Blush Palette.. this to me looks like the holy grail of blush products! You can blend the colours in the palette to create your own unique blush colour which I think is a great selling point for this! I have found alot of the Nars blushers to be quite glittery/shimmery which is not a bad thing believe me but it's nice to have the option to downplay the sparkle if you want to!

What's on your wishlist this week? :o)


  1. oooh i do like the look of that skirt.....really nice.....and totally agree with the hair envy.....her hair is lovelyxx

    Just found your blog via another....and have followed...pop on over and say hi xx


    1. Hi love, just found your blog- it is great! I absolutely love finding new blogs to read :)

      Thanks for stopping by! xox


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