ETAT PUR: Micellar Purifying Cleansing Water

Kleenex Facial Cloths, Etat Pur Micellar Purifying Cleansing Water* (7.40)
This is yet another wonder product from my seemingly never ending hamper of goodies that I won from Wizard Publicity!

In all honesty I had NEVER heard of this brand before trying it from my amazing prize and it was only when I started hearing more about Micellar Cleansing Waters on other blogs that I thought I would give this a whirl. The verdict has actually really shocked me - I really love this product!

I have really struggled in the past with my skin as I had adult acne and now that my skin has reached an ok balance I don't tend to vary much from my sensitive skin face wipes. (Garnier ones in the pink packet incase you are wondering!)

If I am having a dry skin day - even these sensitive skin face wipes can make my skin feel a bit sore so I wanted to find something that would not have that effect.

After hearing some of the benefits of using a cleansing water I really wanted to give it a proper go as they are incredibly gentle and do not contain alot of the nasties that are in other products!

Etat Pur advises that with no need to rinse, Micellar purifying cleansing water:
- Cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes in one wipe.
- Eliminates impurities and excess sebum.
- Respects the skin's natural balance: does not contain soap or alcohol.
- Guarantees excellent ocular tolerance.

The secret of micellar water lies in the perfect balance between its extremely fine particles of oil (free of emulsifiers) and water. Invisible to the naked eye, the oil droplets form micelles that trap dirt and makeup residue found on the surface of the skin, leaving it thoroughly cleansed. Certain micellar waters also contain active ingredients that soften and moisturize skin.

Since using the Etat Pur Micellar Water I have noticed a big difference in how my skin looks and behaves from day to day. It is calmed, soft and makeup seems to stay on better. I have less break outs or uneven pigmentation and I have also noticed less of the annoying dry patches I ALWAYS suffer from around the nose and in between my eyebrows which I think is a great result.

I also think the price point is excellent, the bottle is massive and mine doesn't seem to be going down quickly at all, this is well and truly a permanent addition to my skincare regime now!


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