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Davine's Absolute Beautifying Potion*, VO5 Miracle Concentrate, GHD Serum
This post is a little long.. soz.. hopefully helpful though! I thought I would dedicate today's post to the lovely sticky stuff that helps keep my barnet tamed.. oils, serums, creams etc I have tried so many! Since getting the ombre colour done which involved some light bleaching of the under section of my hair, the ends have become super dry. It probably doesn't help either that I hardly ever have my hair cut.. (I hear you cry.. call yourself a beauty blogger?!)

I know, I know.. supposed to get your hair cut every six weeks blah blah blah.. truth is, I just don't want to, nor have I ever felt the need to! I have been growing my hair for ages now and it's finally at a length that I love.. yes it could do with a neatening up but I refuse to pay for a full blown hair cut when all I want is a trim?! I suppose it's also due to sheer laziness on my part for not finding a cheaper hair dressers for a trim but we are where we are. So, in conclusion, the ends of my hair resemble straw when they have not been treated to some moisture.

When I fancy a pamper sesh I turn to my trusty Philip Kingsley Elasticizer to improve my hair condition but this is a wash in wash out product.. not a slap on and go.. (you have been warned). The Elasticizer essentially does exactly what it says, improves the elasticity, smooths the hair and gives it a nice healthy portion of all the goodies your hair needs in order to behave. Simples. I bought mine from Feel Unique in the 75ml tube for about 12 shiny pounds including delivery. I prefer this size as the larger options come in a tub rather than a squeezy tube which I find to be annoying - where do you put the lid in the shower, eek loads of water has just gone in the tub etc etc etc.
Philip Kingsley Elasicizer
In terms of apply and go products I'd say the top 3 are my favourites in terms of actually working. All can be used in exactly the same way and it is really up to preference in terms of budget as to which I would tell you to go for.

If you have a fiver then rush out and purchase VO5 Miracle Concentrate. It is a really great product considering how cheap it is. I apply it when my hair is wet (just to the ends to avoid an oil slick scalp) and then some more when it's dry to calm down any frizzy ends that are determined to be naughty and it not only sorts my hair right out but it smells amazing. In fact all of the VO5 products do. Their new range I find to be really very good quality for not alot of pennies. I love the hairspray and plump me up (review here) dry shampoo also. You can purchase this from most supermarkets, Boots and Superdrug stores.

Next one along in terms of cost is the GHD Serum. This I tend to use more on dry hair as a bit of a pick me up rather than an initial taming product. It smells beautiful and is a really lovely consistency, nice and light but totally does the job. I have found it for approx 16.50 on Amazon which does make it rather expensive but I figure that a product that is called Good Hair Day (GHD) will be packed full of lovely things to improve your hair. Like I said though it is all down to preference budget wise.

Finally we come to the Davine's Absolute Beautifying Potion*. I won this in my beauty hamper courtesy of Wizard Publicity and can I just say it should be called DIVINE not Davine! I love it. It smells amazing and I literally have just been applying this to wet hair, putting said wet hair into a bun and letting it dry naturally. The effect has been pretty instantaneous. My hair feels in SUCH better condition and I really am so pleased to have this product in my life! The downside is the cost. Now, obviously I won this, and for research purposes I have tracked it down on Amazon and was pretty shocked to see this is pretty much 30 pounds including delivery which I think is mega expensive for this type of product.

I know lots of people who spend that on Moroccan Oil and seeing as I have never actually tried Moroccan Oil myself I don't know how this measures up. What I will say though is that it's a massive bottle and I think this will last me ages and I have been using 2/3 pumps of the stuff per day and it doesn't seem to be going down very quickly! So if you fancy a treat or have particularly problem hair then I would 100% recommend this product. I am loving using it and am probably reaching for it over my others at the moment as it's there and all shiny and new!


  1. Great post:) I had ombré done in May and it completely fried my hair! I've since dyed it back to brown but am still dealing with fried ends (even after a trim!) I'm also not into getting my hair cut every 6 weeks! Great blog- new follower!

    1. Ahh thanks! Well I would HIGHLY recommend you get your mitts on some Philip Kingsley which should sort your ends out a treat :o)


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