Friday, 10 July 2015

So. Much. Sass.

'Sassy', is one of my favourite words. So today, let's rejoice in the wonderful world of sass and celebrate what that means.

I've always toed the line / pushed the boundaries in terms of displaying a smidge of sass, vs just being a bit of a madam but I'd like to think it has contributed positively to my life. Others may not agree with me if they have been on the receiving end of a 'madam moment' but oh well. Soz about me!

I can definitely appreciate that I am hard work. There, I said it. I should *probably* compromise a bit more and at times, just shut up and do it. Or at least I am quite sure that is what other people wish I would do! But that just wouldn't be me!

Now, please don't interpret this post as an ode to being a diva, as it's not, but more an encouraging, thought provoker of a post to help you find your sassy voice. Channel that inner Queen B and go after what you want in life.

The current popular celebs du jour seem to be allll about the sass and I think they are a very good example to young women. I am thinking Emma Watson #HeForShe rather than your stroppy Miss Grande's of the world who 'Hates America', FYI.

As women, we tend to be a little submissive and accept what will be, will be and I think that is a very defeatist approach to life. We should 100% not be afraid of getting out there, sticking up for what we want and need and seriously, ambition doesn't make you a bitch or a 'ball breaker'. It is 2015!!!

Don't take a back seat in finding your way to happiness, live in the moment and do not accept anything other than what is right and what is best for you.

I think for me, I have been fortunate enough to carve out my own little corner of the internet where I can get on my high horse. I have to say in a good few areas of my life, I am confident enough to stick up for myself and question bad behaviour from people who really should know better. I do think this comes easier with age, but also I think it's ok to have a voice. For so long I would let friends get away with treating me like something they could pick up and throw back down and I am just not happy to accept that anymore.

You don't have to become all confrontational by any means, but I'd say I am happier and have better friendships now that I am completely and brutally honest rather than quietly resenting someone and hoping and praying that they just stop their rubbishy behaviour...

So the moral of this rather rambling story is; don't wish for it, work for it!
*insert sassy girl emoji here*

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