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Yesterday afternoon/evening (this was a long appointment!) I headed to see the lovely Ausra at Ed's Hair in Bramhall for a hair transformation.

I had been feeling a bit meh about my hair for a while, didn't know how to have it done and was tired of getting highlights, loving it until they started to grow out and then thinking ugh I look like I have grey hair!!!

I am naturally quite mousey and ashy and I think the problem was that I wasn't going with the tones that nature gave me. The contrast between my natural hair and the highlights meant that my regrowth was super obvious and overall my hair colour did not look natural and was hard to maintain.

I talked through my concerns and what I wanted with Ausra when I went to the Ed's opening a couple of weeks back and she recommended we went back to basics and recoloured my hair to colour match my roots and then take it lighter throughout the ends with a balayage technique.

I have a lot of hair. This isn't me bragging but I have long and relatively thick hair so the above process took about 5.5 hours in total. I kept myself occupied with Instagram and Twitter scrolling, magazine reading and catching up with my pals, a rather lovely coffee and chatting with Ausra and Michelle at the salon. I had such a lovely afternoon!

The beauty of balayage (and what takes so long) is that the colour is free painted, rather than the usual weave method. Ausra painstakingly painted on the colour where it would naturally lighten in the sunshine, we left it to develop, toned it, treated it then blew it and I have to say I am in love. My blonde bits are actually substantially lighter in places than they were before and it has been left in the most amazing condition by the process and the conditioning treatment I had. Ausra was realistic in how light we could get it safely and actually it's exactly what I wanted.

My family have commented that they think it's the best it's ever looked and I have to say I agree. Ausra does pretty damn amazing work on the blow dry front too so I can highly recommend her if you have a special occasion coming up!

All in all, the above treatments weren't cheap. That said, I do think it will be a long term investment as it will require very little maintenance as the darker colour is matched to my natural colour! I was happy to spend the money as Ausra did such an amazing job and I think it was a reasonable price given how long the process took.

If you want to change up your hair then I would strongly recommend you head to Ed's!

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