Job Huntin' Tips

Goood morning lovelies!

It occurred to me that I can feasibly cross over my day job with my hobby once in a while and offer my experiences as HR professional in a hopefully useful way.

Some of you may be finishing university or school soon and entering the big old world of work. Failing that you could just be looking for a new opportunity!

So here are my top job hunting tips :)
  1. Don't just assume something will fall in your lap. Be visible. Send emails and get on LinkedIn!
  2. Work experience is key - get out there and fill up your CV!
  3. Don't be scared of interviews, most people interviewing are lovely and just want to get to know you so don't think they are trying to trip you up! It's just as much about what you think as much as they think!
  4. Show off your hobbies, if you have an out of work interest then don't play it down. I write a blog that is completely unrelated to what I do from day to day but I think the fact I manage my own website and everything that comes along with it demonstrates that I can manage my time very well!
  5. Make sure you DO SOME RESEARCH. Most places will ask, 'so what do you know about us', be prepared to answer. Don't be afraid to look up your interviewers on LinkedIn either!
  6. Accept that at times you will be rejected. It's never nice but try and get feedback. Sometimes it is SO hard to pick between people and employers have to make their choice based on who would fit in better. Therefore don't be shy and don't be afraid to show off your personality as whilst skills and experience goes a long way, so does cultural fit!
  7. Try to not fall for roles that sound too good to be true. I made the mistake when I graduated of making the same mistake twice.. selling pamper packages on the street in Manchester and selling British Gas door to door. Neither advert said remotely anything related to that and basically made out they were marketing jobs. So ask questions and if you are invited back for an 'on the job experience' then get a clear idea of what exactly you will be expected to do...
  8. Be confident but not cocky, and ALWAYS be nice to Reception staff! 
  9. Recruitment Consultants are your friends, not the enemy! I speak to a lot of consultants through my work but honestly it is worth going in and meeting them, getting to know them and letting them help you.
  10. Finally, do a google search of your name!!! I was given that tip years ago and THANK GOD I was! Imagine your old MySpace page or 15 year old self plastered all over a Bebo account, not quite the professional 'you need me' image you want to portray. Do the search and deactivate or hide anything that shows you in a less favourable light. Use security settings too!!! 
Hopefully this will help! :)

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