Cake Cake Cake

Title catch your attention?

Thought so.

Patisserie Valerie kindly contacted me to tell me about their new 'Create a Cake' option on their website where you can design your very own cake creation and offered me the chance to try one.. YUM!

I had never actually been to a Patisserie Valerie so it was a good opportunity to try somewhere new. The tool is so easy to use and you can pretty much let your imagination run wild! I love coffee cake so when I saw I could take that option I was pretty excited to collect the finished masterpiece. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. That cake was SO GODAMN AMAZING!

What I really liked about it all was that it was simple and I actually also thought very reasonably priced. I appreciate that I didn't pay for mine but I would happily order again and I think £22.55 for a bespoke, high quality cake is really very competitive. I will definitely use the service again for birthdays and special occasions!

It's also really fun to build the cake and see what it looks like I'm not going to lie. Have a play!!!

Thank you Patisserie Valerie :)

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