It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day.. and the 400th Post!

Well hello there readers!

I hope you are having a nice day whatever you are up to.

I seem to have had an epiphany over the past few days and have found myself re-motivated and ready to take on the weightloss world once again. (a great nights sleep has done me good!)

I know people may read this and think, actions speak louder than words.. and yes, they do! I just want to be honest and when I am feeling it then I want to share it and even if one person reads this and feels motivated too then I consider my work here done.

I write my blog for me but I can't help but feel honoured and proud that I have a little audience who takes the time to comment and email me if they read something they like. As I have mentioned previously, the weightloss and fitness related posts always seem to get the most reaction from you guys so here is a short one today filled with my current fave inspo-quotes and images. Enjoy!

I'm working on a very exciting event at the moment which some of you can attend! More details will follow soon, I can't wait to share!

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