Blogger Tips

Favourite Apps;
  • Camera 360 - this is the most amazing app for photo editing!
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • BlogLovin
  • Instasize
  • Buffer - this app allows you to schedule your tweets and facebook posts.
  • WIWT - What I Wore Today (this is addictive. Soz.)
  • - This is amazing. Just check it out and thank me later.
  • TweetDeck
  • TweetReach - you can see how many followers your post will reach by using certain hashtags!
 General Tips;
  • Get involved in the conversations, be it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!
  • Explore Hashtags.
  • Make sure your spelling and grammar is BANG on!
  • Get yourself a notepad to scribble down your ideas.
  • iPhones can take great pictures too.. just because loads of Bloggers have DSLR cameras don't feel like you need to have one too!
  • If you are short on pennies, hypothetical posts can be fun to write.
  • Try not to stress out, I've seen so many blogger spats and in that scenario I'd say it's best to not get involved. No one likes group bullying and sadly that's all too often how it ends up. Jumping to your favourite blogger's defence might get you a tweet from them, but it will lose you respect from other bloggers!
  • Don't be scared of approaching brands, say hi on social media and build relationships!
  • If you like a post idea then do it. If it has been inspired by another blogger then it's polite to credit them...
  • Know your worth. I work full time so my posting gets done in my evenings and weekends. Now, I'm not suggesting that you get above your stations and demand payment, but equally if a big brand wants me to essentially advertise their events on my blog, in my spare time in exchange for an airwick candle then I class that as being slightly insulting. #truestory It's basically trying to pay me less than minimum wage!!! Not exactly a good experience from a very large multinational brand.
  • Just Say Yes. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go to events! I genuinely believe if I hadn't pushed myself to go to a Xen Tan Event in Manchester then I wouldn't have done as much as I have, nor would I have made all my babe'in blogger pals!
  • Write what's right. Don't jump on the bandwagon and be honest. I have genuinely used the phrases; I really like these workout pants but they make a weird noise and they gave me a pretty bad camel toe. Essential observations I thought!
  • Don't be jel. I have been there and bloggers do have a way of making life seem so shiny and perfect. But chances are they are sat at home in their pjs typing their posts, just like you are.
  • Don't forget where or why you started! It should be a hobby / passion / creative outlet - never a source of worry or stress!

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