Wanderlust and Travel Dreamin'

A girl can dream, right?

This is my current list of desirable destinations that I must visit one day!
  1. Vegas: Currently working on making this a reality in 2016.. hello gym-inspo!!
  2. New York: This place stole my heart a long time ago and I reaaaaaalllly want to go back!
  3. Hollywood: Every needs to see the sights of La-La Land in my opinion. I've heard it's actually quite disappointing but I want to see it for myself!
  4. Paris: I have been to Paris twice and each time I fall more in love. It's just so pretty and romantic!
  5. The Orient Express: No I am not a closet train spotter. But I love how old school this is and it's been a long term dream of mine to take a ride on the Orient Express!
  6. Santorini: I absolutely have to go here in my life time. It looks like heaven!!!
Where are your must travel locations?

Anyone care to send me on a Blogger Trip to any of these places???? :)

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