Confessions of a Blogger...

Every so often I like to have a tongue in cheek rant/have my say about things and today it's those pesky little things we do as bloggers and read from other bloggers and brands that make us roll our eyes.

Here is my list;
  1. 'Hey @BRAND, I've featured you in my favourites post xoxo'
    We have ALL done this in the quest for a retweet. I don't believe you if you say you haven't.
  2. Comment on something you like and include the #blogger hashtag in the hope the brand/PR will send you one. For review purposes, obvs.
  3. Feeling disgruntled when you don't get invited to something and seemingly EVERYONE else does. *sad face*
  4. Instagramming the hell out of everything, and putting your pics through some vigorous editing to milk the chances of likes.
  5. Feeling like you are just about the only blogger who HASN'T 'written' a book. Nuff' said(!)
  6. Hitting the delete button with gusto when you receive yet another 'hey we thought you might like to read, feature, promote for free, our amazing product which we know your readers will just love' email!
  7. Having zero idea of how google analytics works and having nil desire of learning how. I DO THIS AS A HOBBY.
  8. Seeing bloggers who take themselves *WAY* too seriously make comments on Twitter about other bloggers or stuff in general and then their fans/minions jumping on the bandwagon. It becomes a public bitching forum and it's NOT COOL. JUST STOP IT.
  9. People using the Facebook Blogger Groups to flog blatantly fake makeup. Again. NOT COOL. I don't want some nasty fake crap on my face and shame on you if you are encouraging people to do it for a fast buck.
  10. The same golden circle of bloggers going to seemingly every festival, trip abroad, event etc. Whilst I am not suggesting I am photogenic enough to go on these things but I'd like to see a variety of faces once in a while. You know what I'm sayin'?
  11. Wholeheartedly jumping on the bae, babein' slang bandwagon that has cropped up. I am 30 and really shouldn't be using such words but I don't care and I will do as I please.
  12. 'I've just had the most exciting news/got an amazing project in the pipeline that I just CAN'T WAIT to share with you all. This is the blogger equivalent of the dreaded FB status of OMG I AM LIKE SO ANNOYED/UPSET.. Comments flooding in underneath asking what's wrong and then the reply of 'I'll DM you'. It's beyond annoying. When you can tell us, tell us. Until then, just keep quiet.
  13. Brands retweeting EVERYTHING said about them in a narcissistic fashion.
  14. People getting paid to attend events. It's just weird. I get the whole Vidcon thing and if they are working the event but to command fees of several thousand pounds to just show your face at a party is a bit weird.
  15. Crazy high ticket prices for these 'meet ups'. I think the bloggers that let that happen on their behalf should be ashamed of themselves. Asking for £50-£75 for a ticket from readers and fans when it's not even a concert is shockingly greedy.
Ok rant over now ;)

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