Sleeping Beauty

As I have moved into the domain of being a kinda health/weightloss/lifestyle blogger, I thought that today we could talk about sleep. Glorious sleep.

Normally, this would be something that would irritate me as I was someone who never got enough. I would wake several times in the night and would often wake up feeling cranky and just a little out of sorts. Not fun. In the slightest.

Without jinxing it, I *think* I might have just found my magic combo for a wonder nights sleep and I felt it my duty to share it with you!

Now you will all know that to have a peaceful nights sleep, you should have a comfortable place to rest that pretty head, not be too warm or dehydrated and *try* to stay away from the dreaded gadgets prior to trying to sleep. I am, quite frankly, terrible at heeding the latter piece of advice and I am sure that many of you will share my nightly routine of switching the light off and then doing one last social media sweep.

You know, just incase you miss anything juicy?!

I have tried all sorts over the couple of months my sleep has been an issue, and without going into too much science, I tend to store my weight around my middle. Lovely. This is linked to cortisol and cortisol is linked to sleep. So we can see where my motivations for nailing this have come from. I DON'T WANT TO BE CHUBBY AND NOT ABLE TO SLEEP :(

So, in came the wisdom of my trainer Chris. Chris has researched many supplements and nutrition and we have tried all sorts to get me to the land of nod. Carbs at night (porridge), lavender bedlinen spray, sleep inducing bubble bath, magnesium spray (which my skin reaaaallllllyyyy dislikes), amongst other things. What has helped me (and may help you) are the supplements, GABA and Melotonin.

Now with this advice comes a word of warning. Obviously, buying things over the internet would not be my usual practice, however, I am happy that the site is reputable and I also have the luxury that my BFF is a Pharmacist, so she was able to check for me that they were safe to take alongside my other prescription meds. If you have NOT done this check then please do not take these supplements. And I take ZERO liability if you choose to do so without checking, as let's face it that is VERY SILLY and irresponsible. I am just talking about what works for me. That said, they are supplements that are made up of substances your body naturally produces in order for you to relax and switch off.

In partnership with the supplements, I listen to music and use my calm app to switch off but I have recently had a sleep epiphany and downloaded a £2.90 gem from iTunes which is a Spa Music Album.

As a beauty blogger and general spa aficionado, I tend to enjoy a fair few spa visits and I just love the super relaxing atmosphere that I think is often down to the sensory experience of sound and smell. I cannot stress what an amazing difference this album has had to my sleep. I have felt more relaxed, calm and able to just turn over and drift back off when I listen to this music.

Try it tonight!!!

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