Weekday Wishlist #19

Leopard Print Watch: River Island, Love Sleeve Cardigan: River Island, Loafers: River Island, Pug Blouse: ASOS Curve
It's been a while since I posted a Weekday Wishlist.. or at least it feels that way so here goes!

I LOVE how delightfully tacky this watch is! I think for a night out it is fab! I love leopard print and gold so this is the perfect watch for me.

Next up is the Love Cardigan from River Island. I am so impressed with River Island recently, I seem to be buying more from there recently as I think they had a spell where it seemed that alot of their stuff was just not my style at all! I really like this cardigan which is almost that all-american letterman jacket style. It reminds me of the Pink by Victoria's Secret range and is super cute and snuggly.

These loafers are so boring yet I really like them! I am tempted to buy some as they (old lady comment alert) look really sturdy and practical for work! Haaa sorry about that mumsy comment! What I mean though is that I practically live in Topshop/Primark ballet flats for work and I don't know if anyone else suffers with this but they always get wet inside as they are not built to withstand the rainy Manchester weather!

Aaaaand finally I have put this shirt on my Wishlist as it has PUGS on it! I love love love Pugs so when I saw this I decided that I simply must own it. It's definitely going on the Birthday list!

What are you wishing for this week? I am reading alot of #bblogger excitement for Rimmel Apocolips and Benefit's Fine-One-One!

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