Weekday Wishlist #17

Greetings and good evening one and all!

Seeing as the last post was so incredibly boring I thought I would liven things up by showcasing the 3 beauty products that have wormed their way onto the Wishlist after spying them in February's Cosmo!

First we have the Tangle Teezer, I am REALLY struggling with my hair being inexplicably knotty at the moment and I have it on good authority that using this little beaut in the shower with conditioner will sort me out or at least I am hoping so!

Next up is a newbie beauty product from Benefit called Fine-One-One... It is a multi-use stick for lips and cheeks and it's just so pretty that it needs to be in my make up bag, pronto!

Finally, we have the OPI Nail Sand in Stay All Night or something like that.. These are the new offering from OPI that deliver a matte textured nail that is glittery.. The science behind them baffle me in all honesty but I LOVE the effect!

What are you wishing for?

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  1. My wish for this week is: now that i got enough money to buy myself a purse i saw last month and i wish that this one still waiting for me at the store and no one has bought it! Wish me luck :)


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