TAG: 50 Random Facts About Me

I have seen this TAG floating around the Blogosphere recently and thought I would get involved as it is pretty funny!

Here goes...

  1. My Favourite Cocktail is an Espresso Martini (pictured above).
  2. I have an unhealthy obsession with Paris.
  3. I have been in a Park Hampers Advert when I was little.
  4. I've met Richard Branson.
  5. My Nana's Grandad was the strongest man in the world at one point, called Arthur Saxon.
  6. I can actually sing quite well but I am a complete wimp and save the singing for in the car when I am alone.
  7. My favourite perfume is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess.
  8. My favourite sweet treat is Macaroons.
  9. My favourite slow song is Des'ree Kissing You.
  10. My favourite TV programme is Gossip Girl.
  11. I am literally obsessed with crime/prisons/CSI type TV.
  12. I have been made redundant 3 times.
  13. I hate coriander and lamb.
  14. I am quite lucky and win things fairly often.
  15. I once saw the Beach Boys perform, on a beach in the Caribbean. (Their record label were holding their Annual Conference there!)
  16. I think the best person I have ever seen in concert is Michael Buble.
  17. The first people I saw in concert was Take That at the G-MEX in Manchester.
  18. I have held a baby chimp and a baby tiger in Miami. FYI they were ADORABLE.
  19. When I worked at Starbucks I didn't really like coffee - now my order is a skinny, sugar free vanilla latte.
  20. Despite all the pink things around me, my favourite colour is actually Lavender/Periwinkle.
  21. Apparently mum was in labour a really short amount of time with me - like 2 hours or something ridiculous! Clearly desperate to see the world from a young age...
  22. My star sign is Pisces and I think I am pretty true to it.. hopeless romantic and a complete dreamer!
  23. I HATE the feeling of frost on bare skin and wet sand. Both make me feel uncomfortable. I am well aware that is odd.
  24. I wear a size 5 shoe.
  25. I was pretty much fluent in French and Spanish when I was at school doing my A-Levels in them - whilst I would still understand it I definitely am no longer fluent!
  26. The Charity I would always try and give money to would be Francis House Children's Hospice in Manchester.
  27. My favourite season is Autumn.
  28. By the end of this year I will have been bridesmaid 6 times in my lifetime. Twice when I was little for my Aunties, Once last year for my friend Stephanie and 3 times this year!
  29. I am more of a savoury person than a sweet one. Crisps and Popcorn are my weakness.
  30. I really enjoy going to see a psychic. I have been twice and both times were weirdly accurate. They told me I have Guardian Angels and I would be inclined to agree! :o)
  31. One of my finest moments has to be when I was in Australia with my friend and I drunkenly did Karaoke. I won a voucher for the bar when there wasn't actually even a competition!
  32. My most embarassing moment probably was when me and my friend went to Vegas and went to see the Pussy Cat Doll Show at Caesars Palace. We were introduced to a Radio DJ and he came in as though he was going to kiss me on the cheek as a greeting so I did the cheek kiss thing and was like 'nice to meet you'. He then said no. I was just asking you what your name was. I thought it was pretty rude of him but absolutely mortifying for me!
  33. I have a bit of a weakness for muscley men. Just to look at though, I couldn't deal with going out with someone who was uber fit as I am really not! I particularly enjoyed Magic Mike the film.. ;o)
  34. My 3 best friends are from my school days and I have known them for just coming up to 15 years.
  35. My first holiday abroad without parents was a 2 week holiday to Magaluf when I was 18.
  36. I like to go to sleep with music playing or to the sound of rain falling.
  37. I have teeny tiny nails so more often than not I wear falsies!
  38. My favourite makeup brand is MAC. Although I have a large amount of love for my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.
  39. I decided to start this blog on a whim - along with most other things I do. I am not scared to be spontaneous and I love a random outing or road trip.
  40. My favourite part of this blog is my To-Do List. I love ticking things off and adding them on and keeping all my aspirations/hopes/random achievements all in one place as a reminder of what I want to get done!
  41. I have a Labradoodle called Jasper. He is like a giant dog but is the softest sweetest creature and just looking at his face makes me happy.
  42. I have never been in love, but I look forward to the day I am.
  43. One of the saddest things to have happened in my life was when a boy in my year at school passed away from cancer. It was so tragic and I wish that one day the complete genuises over at Christie's Cancer Hospital in Manchester find some way to stop cancer or treat it and make it treatable.
  44. I have never been to Italy - I definitely want to go and it was the only good thing to come out of the film Eat Pray Love.
  45. I have probably had pretty much all hair colours in my life time. Well normal hair colours like red, blonde and brunette.
  46. Biggest hair disaster would be either when me and my friend did a home highlighting kit on me and I was trailer trash blonde for a few days until I could get it calmed down. The other time would be when I always used to have my hair in a bob. My hair is pretty thick and in the days before GHDs, unmanageable, so the hairdresser SHAVED the underneath of my hair giving me an undercut. Granted it worked to make it easier to style my hair but it was terrible if it was ever really windy...
  47. Some of my former nicknames have been; Svelly, Sveelee, Stinky, Salsa, Sallison, Pooface, Osh, Derek(!), Dez, Derek Gordon Jefferson... the last 3 were by some horrible boys but then it evolved into being a term of endearment.. *I think*.
  48. One of my funniest/greatest moments of 2012 was when I did a drum solo randomly in Playground in Liverpool. I pleaded with this drummer guy who was doing drum tricks to let me have a go and everyone kind of winced thinking I was going to be rubbish. I am pleased to say I did an acceptable performance and shocked everyone!
  49. Some of my favourite jewellery belonged to my great grandma as it not only is really pretty but has alot of sentimental value.
  50. I have never stayed up all night. I just like sleep too much!

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