My 24 Hours in Paris Capsule Wardrobe

Coat: Dorothy Perkins, Clinique Chubby Stick, Leggings: Topshop, Ugg Boots, Stripy Top: Dorothy Perkins

Whilst I do love the snow and seeing everything get all white and sparkly I am PRAYING that it doesn't have a negative effect on my upcoming jaunt to Paris!

Everyone has told me it will be a bit nippy so I am going to layer up for my tourist activities and hopefully not lose any limbs to frost bite. First mission is getting there. People have rather helpfully joked about the flight being cancelled or delayed (they had better not have tempted fate!) so let's all say a little prayer than Mother Nature doesn't wreak too much havoc!

Our plans are to be as out and about as we can, interspersed with cafe hopping and shopping, so I have picked an outfit that will be comfy and the Ugg boots are a necessary evil I think! Not the most smart of footwear choices but comfortable and warm and I think that probably should be my priority!

My rather cliche outfit does include a stripy top but I figured it had to be done. I have also purchased a black beret for some especially cheesy photos!

So what about shopping list.. What should I have on there??

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