Review: Lash Boutique

The kind people over at Lash Boutique contacted me recently to ask if I would like to review a set of their lashes and obviously I jumped at the chance!

Those of you who know me or have read my blog for a while will know that I LOVE LASHES and I think they are such a fab way of taking your makeup to a whole new level of glam and I find that they completely open my eyes up! I feel like it makes my neutral eye makeup look much more dramatic than having a smokey eye which I have found doesn't really suit me... *sob*

Lash Boutique sent me some 'Lorna' Lashes which on first look frightened me a bit by their length as I normally would wear something a little shorter such as the 'Clair' Lashes but I thought what the hell let's get them on and see how I feel! I actually loved the effect of them. Obviously they are more of a night time, dramatic pair but I really liked the quality of them and I think they applied really well.

Apologies for the slightly moody shots of me, but I was channeling Tyra and doing my best 'smize' which I think I have achieved fantastically ;o)

I would definitely recommend these as a treat or a gift for a friend as the packaging is gorgeous and makes them look so much more expensive than they are. Next up I want to try Clair or Hannah!

Check out their website or their Twitter account for more information!

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