Review: Nakd Bars

As you all will no doubt be aware, I am currently on a mahoosive bridesmaid diet for the 3 rounds of bridesmaid duties I have this year!

As I work in an office without a great deal of choice for healthy foods I often have to bring in my own food to make sure I am staying on the straight and narrow. For me that mid morning slump is what hits me as I try and make sure I have a healthy snack on hand to curb the hunger until lunch!

The lovely people over at Nakd offered me some bars to try as some potential healthy snacks and I wanted to tell you all about them here! As per the above image - Nakd Bars are wheat free, dairy and gluten free and I will be honest at first impression I thought oh dear I can't imagine these will be nice. How VERY wrong was I?!

The only way to describe these bars is like compressed fruit, almost like a chewy fruity bar but not made with oats or grains. The couple I have tried so far which include Rhubarb and Custard, Ginger Bread, Berry Delight and Pecan Pie have been genuinely really nice and felt like a treat! On my Weight Watchers pro-points they were coming in at 3 points which isn't too bad and I felt like I was eating something that was much better than an artificial type snack that I probably would have had otherwise!

Thumbs up from me!

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