Au Revoir, I'm going to Paris!

Eiffel Tower
I am absolutely DELIGHTED to be going to Paris for my very first time in two weeks for a weekend jaunt with my pal Stephanie!

After the lovely Em from Emtalks tweeted about an offer she had seen for bargainous return train tickets on the Eurostar me and mon amie talked about possibly going.. we have been able to get cheap flights from Manchester and a cheap hotel so we thought sod it let's seize the moment and go!

Cue some very excited texts, tweets and emails about what we want to do, buy, eat and visit!

I have always wanted to travel to Paris, even more so when it was featured on Gossip Girl and The Hills!

Some of our plans for whilst we are there include;
  • Head to THE place for Macaroons - Maison Laduree
  • Visit the Eiffel Tower
  • Shopping in Sephora (obvs!)
  • Visit the Glass Pyramid outside the Louvre.. whilst reminiscing about The De Vinci Code!
  • Stroll down the Champs Elysees and window shop at the major Fashion Houses
  • French bread, cheese and red wine :o)
Any other recommendations for us? We have 24 hours in Paris pretty much! :o)

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