Real Techniques Makeup Brush Review

I was introduced to Real Techniques Brushes after reading an article in a Magazine about them becoming available from Boots Stores and was amazed at how cheap they were! Samantha Chapman is a beauty blogger who eventually brought her own range of brushes out into the industry.

In all honesty I dismissed the quality of the brushes at first as I was dubious that you could get a high quality brush without the rather steep price tag.. and now I would like to publically declare that I was wrong. Yep, that's right I was WRONG!

These brushes are AMAZING. I started off with the stippling brush (the pink brush above) and have never looked back, it makes foundation application an actual dream and without sounding massively big headed, makes your skin look flawless!

I have now invested in the orange kit which is brushes for face. I seem to have amassed rather alot of eye shadow/liner/shading brushes in my collection so have not purchased the purple kit just yet. I do think it is really very reasonable though to be able to buy a full kit of brushes for under £50. Boots sell the brush sets for £21.99 and contain 4/5 brushes in the kits or the single brushes are around £10.

In the face kit I got a buffing powder brush, a contour brush, flat foundation brush and concealer brush. Now I don't know about you but I do seem to end up using brushes for other things apart from what is written on the handle.. the flat foundation brush is a prime example! I don't find they give half as good a finish as the stippling brush so I have been using that one for liquid highlighters and think it works really well!

Have you ever discovered something that you initially dismissed and then had to admit you were completely wrong?


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