Bask in Summer Fashions by Anya Sarre

I am trying something new today... this post is a guest post by Anya Sarre of (the company who brought the Kardashian Footwear to the masses!)

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Summer is here and summer heat goes along with summer fashions. The perfect pedicure and women’s shoes also go hand-in-hand. Women love being pampered or pampering themselves - go on a summer shopping spree to spruce up your closet.

For beauty treatments, pedicures should be a part of any summer regime. For women, when they look great, they feel great so this summer embrace new fashion trends for beauty and confidence!

No longer to you have to hide your feet in winter and rain boots, dive feet first into a chunky heeled sandal or open toed wedge this summer! Walk with confidence and strut your stuff to any event! From the beach to the dinner date, don’t be afraid to choose bold bright colors this summer season. Slide into a floral printed wedged heel and pair that with beautiful natural summer dress and gorgeous accent jewellery pieces for a star-studded look.

Maxi dresses are in style this season. Many of these dresses feature halter-tops and expose the back and accentuate the neckline. Proper cut and colors can help women feel confident and look their best in the latest shoes, dresses or jewelry selections. Dare to be glamorous!

Don't be scared of accessorizing. Wearing accessories is the key to a head to toe styled look! Pick either chunky, bold earrings or statement necklace to accent your look. You can never be too chic! Layer on bangles and pick out a funky neon nail polish to pull an entire look together! Stay cool, calm, and collected this summer in your favourite styles looks!

This summer, we all will get our very own natural glow from the summer sunshine. Throw on a summer hat or straw fedora, your favorite pair of sunglasses, and sit back and just allow others to bask in your beautiful glow and uplifting personality!

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