Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

Yesterday, I attended the Graduation Ceremony of my Pg/Dip Human Resource Management from MMU. So I headed in to Manchester, got gowned and capped up and was finally able to get a half decent graduation photo!

As per my to-do list, I really wanted a replacement for the monstrosity that is my undergrad degree graduation photo. I absolutely hate it! Looking back, I hate my outfit, my makeup, hair, the cap.. pretty much everything about it.

I know it sounds super vain but I just really wanted a nice photo to give to my mum, dad and my nana and grandad so it was pretty much the only reason I bothered with doing the whole graduation thing again!

My mum got me a really cute card and a lovely new necklace which I will have to post a picture of as it is SO NICE! Yayyy thanks Mummy!

The cap actually wasn't as bad this time round, I felt it gave me a severe case of moon face last time I sported one, but I still insisted on not wearing it for my professional photo!

So, for anyone who has graduated this year a massive congrats, you should be so proud of your achievements! Enjoy the whole process and good luck with whatever you decide to do next :o)


  1. Aww! Just wanted to say I really loved this post - think your blog is amazing! Followed you :)

    1. Ahh thanks! That's such a nice comment :)


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