Matalan AW12 Must Haves

Horse Belt, Mock Leather Skirt, Pattered Skater Skirt, Winter Headband
Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen that I am MAJORLY impressed with the Matalan AW12 Collection. At the Carat Media Fashion Blogger Event I attended we were given the Look Book and upon closer inspection tonight I have selected my favourite pieces.

I really like skater skirts and have been looking for a mock leather skirt for absolutely ages! Primark did one a while ago that seemed to just keep selling out so I was never able to get my mitts on one! Hoping to hot foot it to my local Matalan to pick this one up though as I love it!

I have also included some of my favourite winter accessories too. As I am sat here having listened to the evening news and the fact that we have severe weather warnings I am sadly just wishing this sorry excuse for a summer away and desperate to get into cosy winter clothes. Matalan has got a really great collection coming and I cannot wait to purchase a few bits and bobs!

As yet I am not sure when this collection will be available in stores, however I shall keep my beady eye out and let you know as soon as I find out! Ok, so maybe like a day after just to make sure I get my hands on my faves first.. :o)


  1. Ooh I like the black flatforms- they look so comfy. I love the shape of the lbd too, if it was a tad longer I'd be all over it like a bad rash!

    1. Stick a lace underskirt underneath it! I hate it when things are too short and that always works like a dream for me! :o)

  2. Hey there! Lovely blog! And impecable taste! I absolutely love that LBD!

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