Going for Gold!

Lovely prize of pampering treats from Wizard Publicity, Sara's Bar, Chester Fun at the Weekend, Our Pampered Pooch :o)
Today's post is a bit of a mish-mash of weekend events which I thought I would write about seeing as I had such a lovely weekend! 

Firstly I had to comment on the Olympics Opening Ceremony, it was simply incredible. I mean I am one of those who does tend to feel a sense of pride when our fine country does something well but I have to say I think the whole event whilst extremely long was simply outstanding. Having Mr Bean as part of Chariots of Fire was pure comedy genius and the James Bond with the Queen section was fantastic. Go Queenie!

I think as a nation we can be thoroughly proud of our welcome to all of the athletes and visitors to London, now let's get behind our GB Gang and hope they win some medals!

I was THRILLED to open up my amazing prize from Wizard Publicity on Friday evening which was literally crammed FULL of pampering goodies! I am most excited to give them a whirl and you may see some reviews of my favourites on here!

On Saturday I visited my friend in Chester for her housewarming and this little bar is the scene of the crime where all of us became a little worse for wear.. whoops! Had such a fun evening and every single time I go to Chester I love it, it's like being on a little holiday!

As a post hangover god send, my older sis invited me, mum and little sis to her place for a BBQ which was lovely - the dog even got some proper chicken and needed a lie down post meal ;o)

Even though the bottom photo is completely unrelated to this weekend I just had to post it as it contains pretty much all of my best girlie friends and I love it! The version that the photographer took is lovely too so may have to purchase a copy I love it so much!

All my best girl pals on one pic :o)


  1. Your friends bar is AMAZING!!! So jealous!
    Love the photo of you and all your girls :) x

    1. Hi Hun! Thanks for reading! Yes her bar is fab isn't it! I was mega jel when I first saw it :o)

      Thanks for your kind comments xxxxx

  2. Love the photo of you and your girlfriends!! Gorgeous!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, happy to be your newest follower!!

    xo, Jersey Girl



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