5th Best Invention in the last 25 Years!

The image is rather a big giveaway on what exactly the '5th Best Invention in the last 25 Years' is! Fake Tan is the answer!

Tanning has come such a long way in really a very short space of time and I am most dedicated into hunting for the perfect tan for my skin tone. I am naturally quite fair, with pinky tones to the skin and I am very fussy over what colour a tan turns my skin. For example, St Tropez Mousse or the classic tan just does not suit me. It gives me a really muddy brown colour rather than the bronze brown that I would go naturally.

So when an opportunity came up to attend a Xen-Tan event in Manchester (thanks to a #northernbloggersunite campaign spearheaded by Rebecca of Be Beautiful and Lauren of The Beauty Habit in conjunction with Wizard PR) I quite honestly jumped at the chance.

I love the feeling of being tanned and will happily sunbathe on holiday or apply a fake tan product. Whilst I totally appreciate the dangers of sunbeds I mainly don't use them as I have a really weird phobia of them, there are just too many horror stories and I am quite claustrophobic so I stay well clear of them. I had 2 favourites tan wise that I used which were the Garnier Spray Tan in Intense Bronze and also Fake Bake Flawless both which give me a nice colour. Only issue is that I ALWAYS seem to make errors especially on my hands! So that's why I was really keen to go and learn about tans, how best to apply and also the best one for me.

I have never used Xen-Tan* and I am extremely impressed with the product. It gives a really natural colour and it doesn't smell! We were treated to a spray tan at the event and everyone has commented on how well I look and how my tan looks completely natural. I am so happy with the results and I have booked for 2 Xen Tan Spray Tans over the next few weeks for the various weddings and hen-do's I am attending.

I really can't recommend Xen-Tan* highly enough and the event was fantastic. It was really nice to engage with Xen-Tan and the other beauty bloggers and I had such a great time meeting everyone.

Here are a few photos from the event, and also a picture of me! For some reason my body looks super tanned but I did not think my foundation choice through and have a really weirdly pale face in comparison to my body! I can assure you that my face does match my body, I simply made a foundation shade error when putting my face on!


  1. It was such a good event! Those massage chairs were amazing.

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    1. Ahh bless you that's so nice! I would HIGHLY recommend Xen-Tan! I absolutely LOVE IT! :o)


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