Glam Glastonbury 2013

Marled Multi-Colour Top, Stonewashed Cuffed Denim Shorts, Layered Ombre Effect Beads, Cuffed Light Jacket in Taupe
This post was really as a result of two things. The first being that I am BEYOND excited for when Forever 21 arrives in The Trafford Centre on 21st July, the second is that I have registered my mug shot ready for when Glastonbury Tickets are released!

Now, those of you who know me will know that the first is a given but the second is very out there for me. I am a creature of comfort so anything that involves not being able to shower very easily, do my hair, sleep on the floor or use any form of portaloo is rather contraversial. I would normally point blank refuse to do it and I am still not 100% sure whether I will get to Glastonbury but my sister would like to go for her 30th and I do think that if we get some form of camper van I *might* be ok.

This then obviously got me all excited for festival wear as its not a look I have been able to do yet with my general avoidance of mud etc. However in a dream world where is will be great weather, I think the above is what I would love to wear!

Assuming that pastels haven't dive bombed in popularity next year, the outfit I have picked would be cute and comfy but also quite functional! I love this light multicoloured sweater, I think the use of the mixed colours is quite Missoni style, which I absolutely adore. The coral shorts are a great summery style and complement the colours in the top fabulously!

As a contrast I would also put these ombre lilac beads with the outfit as let's face it, festivals are prime opportunity to break the accessories out like mad and I love how simple these beads are.

I would be being very unrealistic if I didn't at least have some form of jacket on standby for when it gets cold and I am swaying along drunk on cider to whoever is playing at this particular moment.. I love this taupe light jacket as the sleeves can be rolled up, its very versatile and could be rolled up and put in a bag when it gets warmer!

Also just one last thing.. this post is not sponsored, I just really like Forever 21 and saw some lovely things that are very well suited for a festival on their website. Can't wait to go in the shop!


  1. Gosh, I somehow, by chance came across your blog Sal!

    Hope you're well!

    - Sharif :)

  2. Ahh no way! How funny! Hope all good with you :o) how does my theming on here measure up design wise?? I am slowly picking up HTML coding, need to get photoshop really for making picture collages as it will look more professional! My marketing days have come in useful! X

  3. Hey Sal! Yes I'm good thanks.

    Your blog looks good. You're clearly catering for girly girls, so you've got the theme spot on.

    Your next step should be to register (only costs around £7 for 2 years) and simply redirect the traffic from there to this blog. Having your own domain will get your name out there and allow better control over your own brand, particularly if you become famous ;)

    Give me a shout if you need any pointers.

    - Sharif

    mail at sharif dot co dot uk


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