Nails Inc Sprinkles Collection

Nails Inc Sprinkles Polish in 'Sweets Way'
As this wonderful Nails Inc polish coordinates rather nicely with my wedding outfit for tomorrow I just had to write a product review of it. This is probably up there on my favourites of the year list nail polish wise as it is really a very unique colour and finish.

I am wearing navy and nude to the wedding and I have french manicured toes so thought I would do something a little different on my finger nails. I first spotted this on Jen from Polishaholic's blog and was pretty much hooked from looking at her gorgeous swatches of the collection.

I think what makes them so unique and appealing to me is that they are a coloured polish with glitter suspended in it rather than having a translucent finish and being more of a top coat. I applied 2 coats for the above photo and I am SO in love with the effect.

'Sprinkles' is a perfect way of describing the effect of this, the colours of the glitter show through the polish really nicely and its lot more subtle than a lot of the other glitters on the market. One tip I did take away from the Polishaholic was to pop a top coat on as it is quite rough when it dries.

They are available in 3 other colour options as way as Sweets Way and I was so torn between which one to get! I am pretty pleased with my choice though :o)

Check out the collection on the Nails Inc Website.

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