We all have the best intentions when it comes to exercise, but it’s difficult to stay motivated in the face of exhaustion, busy schedules, and the siren call of the sofa and a new Netflix show. That said, there are a few ways you can push yourself to meet your workout targets, whether you’ve set yourself a daily goal or a weekly goal. Give it some time, and soon you won’t be able to skip a workout without feeling restless.

Join a Gym

While there are many ways to workout at home for free, you might feel more motivated to work out if there were money at stake. Joining a gym isn’t too expensive if you go often enough, but the more sessions you miss, the more money you’re throwing down the drain. It’s not a motivation tool that works for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a shot if you think you’ll benefit from routine and instruction.

Recruit a Friend

Exercise can be painful, especially during the early days. But it feels less painful if you’re sharing your suffering with a friend. Having a gym buddy gives you some healthy competition, a cheerleader, and emotional support when you both collapse from exhaustion. Alternatively, you can drag a friend dancing to burn a few calories on the dance floor.

Quick Workouts

If time is something you’re lacking, then you can do some quick, but effective, ten minute workouts that are just as beneficial for weight loss. Jump rope burns more calories than running (an estimated 1300 calories per hour) and it’s easy to just stick some music on and skip for the duration of three or four songs. As it’s a bodyweight exercise, jump rope does help improve muscle tone, but it also targets the thighs, shins, and calf muscles, while simultaneously working on the abs and arms. It’s also easier on your knees and ankles because it’s a low impact workout. With just ten minutes a day on a trampoline, you could boost weight loss, define muscle tone, and improve your overall health. A ten minute workout on a trampoline is the equivalent of running on a treadmill for thirty minutes. It firms the legs, thighs, abdomen, arms and hips, increases agility, and improves sense of balance. Most importantly, it lowers the risk of injury, as the flexible surface reduces the impact of landing.


Sometimes the problem with structured workouts is that they’re boring, or they’re not fun enough to keep you interested. Dancing is one of the more fun workouts out there, whether you buy a dance workout DVD, look them up on YouTube, or just blast the music on your radio. It’s also a full body workout that’s good for your heart, makes you stronger, and aids with balance and coordination. A 30 minute workout can burn as many calories as jogging. But unlike running on a treadmill, dancing is also a creative outlet; you can make up your own moves, learn established steps, and choose your own music.

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