Sometimes, life calls for an outfit that’s a little classier than the rest. Not that you don’t dress in classy manner usually; just that sometimes, it may not be your main focus. One day you may want to dress in wild prints, another you might want to show off your legs and enhance your curves. However you want to dress, that’s A-ok. That being said, it’s worth knowing how to put together a classy outfit without bordering on boring territory. The following 5 simple steps will help you:

Step 1 - Choose Just One Body Part To Show Off

If you want to make sure you look classy, whatever the occasion, then the general rule is to ensure that you only show off one body part. For example, your legs, chest, or even your arms. Showing off too many of these body parts will distract from your outfit. It might be fine for a night out or a festival, but if you’re going to a wedding or a formal function, it’s best to be a little bit more conservative.

Step 2 - Focus On Sophisticated Accessories

Sophisticated accessories are going to make your outfit. Without accessories, your outfit can fall flat. You can include things like rings, clutch bags, and even a nice shawl/bolero jacket. Bear in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard with your accessories, as you’ll start to look garish rather than classy. Many people like to order pearl earrings and wear those to add an element of class to their outfits. They look especially great with a hair-up style to show them off!

Step 3 - Make Sure You Include Plenty Of Texture

Texture in your outfit is the thing that’s going to stop it from looking boring. If your outfit doesn’t have enough texture, you need to add some in, pronto! You could add a textured jacket or cardigan, or even make sure you have some texture on your shoes/bag. You can include it however you like, just make sure there’s enough of it!

Step 4 - Don’t Forget To Show Off Your Personal Style

Not all classy outfits need to be created equal. You might not like the idea of a ‘classy’ outfit as you may think it has to suit a certain type of style, but this is not the case. Make sure you show off your personal style when putting your outfit together. Even bohemian dressers can put together a classy outfit that suits them down to the ground. It just takes a little planning!

Step 5 - Ensure A Great Fit

Finally, your outfit should fit you well if you're going to put together a classy outfit. Baggy t-shirts and oversized dresses can be great, but they don’t look ‘classy’. If you have an outfit you love, it might even be worth taking it to a tailor for them to make it fit you perfectly.

Are you ready to create a gorgeous, classy outfit with these 5 simple steps? Use Pinterest for inspo if you need it!

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