Cosmetic procedures have skyrocketed in popularity over the past decade or so. Not only are more people trying different procedures out for themselves, but they’re proud of it. They are seen as an investment in oneself. Not a secret to be kept under wraps. Perhaps we have the out-and-proud nature of celebrities like the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj and Amber Rose to thank for this. Or maybe we are just more confident in ourselves and proud of the time, effort and cash that we put into making ourselves look exactly as we please. Regardless of the reasons, there are more and more cosmetic procedures making their way onto the market and leaving individuals everywhere looking fabulous. Here are a few favorites that you might like to try out yourself!

Laser Hair Removal

2017 has seen the number of young women reducing the amount that they shave. Armpit hair has come back into fashion with certain demographics and the Brazilian wax is less common, with many people opting for a more natural look instead. But some of us still prefer the silky smooth look. This usually comes at a price though. Many of us experience razor burn, uncomfortable regrowth, and general skin irritation when shaving. Waxing can be messy and epilation is relatively painful. So is there a way to achieve smooth, hairless skin without the regular pain and discomfort involved in traditional hair removal methods? Well, of course! Science and cosmetic procedures have come to the rescue with the introduction of laser hair removal. This can be used on most areas of the body: underarms, arms, legs, upper lip and intimate areas. The list goes on. If this is something that interests you, book in for a consultation and qualified practitioners will be able to tell you whether the treatment is suitable for your skin and hair type. Those with fair skin and dark hair tend to be the best applicants, while those with fair skin and red or blonde hair may find less effective results.

Skin Resurfacing

Many of us spend years trying out alternative (and often expensive) skin products in an attempt to achieve that flawless, photoshop finish in real life. Whether we’re trying to encourage acne scars to fade away, minimize the appearance of pores or reverse signs of aging, we often find that creams and special treatments don’t quite give us the desired effect. So where do we turn? A good place to start is the renowned Belgravia Clinic, who offer i-Pixel Laser treatment. This is the latest innovation in years of research on fractional skin resurfacing and will deliver spectacular results with minimal downtime.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Hyperhidrosis is the perfect treatment for those who want to stay fresh and dry, even on the warmest summer days. Excess sweating is a really common problem for many of us, but when deodorants and antiperspirants fall short, there are alternative options available. Hyperhidrosis involves the injection of Botox into problem areas, which prevents excessive sweating and keeps you dry at all times.

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