I am in the process of buying my first property so naturally I have had to take a real hard, no prisoners look at my spending and cut back on the many frivolous things I had become accustomed to. My twice monthly manicures being a PRIME example.

I regularly watch Claire's Vlogs (I am Chouquette) and this vlog in particular inspired me as it was all about how Claire saves for her premium purchases.

Claire had a lot of great tips but the one that was the easiest and the quickest win was to go back to doing my own nails.. 😢

I had got into the habit of getting acrylics and I honestly dread to think how much I have spent on my nails over the year! Despite the fact I am actually qualified in Manicure and Pedicure and know how bad going to the Chinese nail shops are (the drill part in particular!) I have put vanity over common sense and religiously got infilled every two to three weeks.

I've now had my acrylics removed and am determined to look after my nails myself. It is a much healthier and cost-saving approach!

I'll be honest, after the initial removal, my nails were paper thin and I did question whether I had made the right decision. I've been slathering on the hand and nail cream and various strengthening polishes but I have found the best way to keep them split and break free was to apply a thin layer of clear UV gel polish and painting them over the top.

I am really enjoying being able to change my nail colours more often and I am sure they will be back to full strength soon, just need to let the weak bit grow out! I am also loving my short nails and pleased that I have made the transition back to natural!

Have you given anything up to save your dollar?

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