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Apart from those lovely English Roses out there amongst us, everyone looks better with a tan. I know I feel better when I have a little glow, and seeing as I hate going on sunbeds and can burn to a crisp if I am not careful in the sunshine, faking it is my only option really!

Today I am sharing my favourite tans from the budget to the more expensive and there is something for everyone!

The Temporary(ish) Tans

Rimmel's Sunshimmer still remains a fave for a fail-safe cheap option to get a glow, I opt for the medium matte shade as pictured and actually tend to take this on holiday so that I can sunbathe to my hearts content during the day but not look ghostly pale in the evening if my factor 50 is doing it's job properly!

Another gorgeous option which is more costly is the Vita Liberata Body Blur - it is a lovely formula and really does provide a gorgeous glow!

The Quick Turnaround Tan

If you need a tan and quick, then Skinny Tan 1 Hour Tan is the one for you. On the pricier side but literally one of the best tans I have ever used. You can leave it on for a mere 60 mins and get a nice glow but leave it on three hours for a deeper colour. I've probably had the least amount of fake tan fails with this product and considering 90% of the time I have previously used tans I have ended up with the dreaded orange paws or dirty looking feet, I realise this is a big statement!

The Luxury Tan

Xen Tan Dark Lotion is a lovely product which smells like marzipan and is super luxurious. I like to apply this when I have a special event and I can build up the colour a few days before. This leaves a lovely natural glow which on me doesn't go too dark or transfer onto my clothes once ypu have showered off the guide colour. The only negative to this one is that the guide colour is pretty dark and does need to be worn over night leaving your sheets looking a little worse for wear...

The Gradual Tan

Everyone seems to have raved over Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Gradual Tan and I do agree it is good and smells like coconut (massive plus) but I feel like this one really comes into it's own after the second and third application. The first application for me ended up a bit patchy on my legs but it did even out when I persevered. I liked it as it is an oil application and therefore nice and moisturising without leaving any tell tale orange palms or brown sheets! On the top half of my body it was perfect!

The Magic Mitt

Skinny Tan's Exfoliating Mitt is legit the best tan remover I have EVER USED. I hate coarse feeling exfoliators and this quickly and easily gets rid of any errors and can be used with your fave shower gel. I was sceptical at first at how it would be any different to those exfoliating gloves you can get but this is completely different and alot more durable when wet.

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