Is it finally time to go on holiday? Congratulations, you’ve surely earned the time off! Holidays are made for fun and relaxation, preferably with plenty of sun too, and maybe one naughty cocktail on the beach as well. But, more importantly, enjoying your vacation, and especially if you’re flying abroad, requires a lot of prep time. You can be spontaneous about your holiday destination, but you can’t be messy about your preparation. Preparing is about being ready to enjoy a stress-free time off. In short, looking and feeling your best when you’re on holiday is not a matter of luck or magic, it’s just clever organisation.

Don’t go anywhere without sorting out your holiday look

Relaxing on holiday doesn’t mean that you should let yourself go. You can still look dead on trends if you plan smartly. For a start, you need to consider the latest summer trends closely, especially as it’s likely that the time of the year when you can make the most of your summer clothes is on holiday. So let’s make it a fashionable time! There is a variety of styles around, so you can always find something summery to suit any kind of figure. Athletic types will prefer the relaxed style – a t-shirt with a pair of shorts and low converse sneakers – while curvier figures might enjoy full-length summer dresses or palazzo trousers.

Get the Essential Travel Bag

When you’re on holiday, you’re likely to go and explore the location during the sunny hours. So, after you’ve made sure to pack comfortable shoes, it’s time to think about your day bag. Preferably, you want something that combines stylish fashion and practicability, as you need to keep your belongings safe at all times. In other words, you need a day bag that comes with a zip, and that you can hang on your shoulder. Some leather bags come as elegant rucksacks, which is a great feature unless you are holidaying in a crowded urban area. People are more likely to try to open your open in public transports and a busy street, so be careful with those.

Travel Smart and Combine Bookings

If you’re still in the planning phase – don’t worry, it’s not too late, there are still plenty of last minute deals – you should be looking for combined bookings to save money on your vacation costs. For those who love to plan their holiday from start to end, offers deals on flights, hotels and even car rentals so that you can book everything at the same time. If you prefer to deal with a travel agency, you probably don’t have to worry about discounted price, as the agent will provide you with the best price for your list of wishes.

Are your Travel Documents Ready?

Some locations, like the EU, are easy to reach and don’t need any additional documentation – at least for now. Others might need an additional authorization of travel or visa such as the USA or Russia. If you’re travelling to a tropical area, you may need to check the travel vaccinations. You might find it easy to book a same-day vaccination appointment with to get on top of your travel health requirements. As a rule of the thumb, it’s best to get all your vaccinations 2 weeks or more before you travel, as some might make you feel poorly for a few days.

Getting to know the Locals

If you’re flying abroad, getting to know the locals is the best way to understand the culture and find the best places to visit. It’s always helpful to get a phrase book and learn some of the essential phrases to deal with local commerces. Nobody will be mad at you if you can’t hold a conversation but knowing how to say “hello” and “thank you” is a minimum. Locals will be more likely to help you if they see that you’ve made an effort to learn some of the language. You don’t need to be fluent though, as most people speak English.

The Essential Leisure Time

Finally, a holiday means leisure time. As much as you’d love to lie down on the beach all day, you’ll rapidly get bored of it. You need to find something to keep you entertained when it’s too hot to be outside. The typical summer reading challenge is exactly what you need. You don’t need to pack your luggage full with half a library, but taking a couple of books with you is a good idea. Just imagine lying down under the sun with a book, or going to sleep while turning the pages of a romantic novel. It’s a simple pleasure that you can’t enjoy as easily every day!

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