No matter what kind of shape and proportion your body is - there is always something out there for everyone. It's just about finding what's right and dressing your body appropriately.

It's not about weight, so don't focus on that otherwise your risk beating yourself up about the little things that you can't change. Everyone comes in all different shapes and sizes, so it's not about comparing yourself to your best friend, it's about working with what you've got and owning it!
A skinny girl can have the exact same shape as a larger girl, just as much as a taller woman can be the same shape as a short woman.

The different body shapes tend to be put into five different categories which are hourglass, wedge, pear, apple and rectangle. It's possible to be one of these, or even a blend of two or more. So get looking at your body in the mirror and come to a conclusion of where you fall. Once you have an idea, you can start looking at the different fashion trends to add to your wardrobe, remember that your clothes care, so you need to know what to get, and what to avoid.

The Hourglass
Hourglass bodies shoulders and hips are in similar proportion to one another, while the waist dramatically goes inwards.
Because of the shape, your goal is to show off the curves that you have going on. The thing to focus on when doing this is balance. You want your bust area to always follow what your hips are doing. Because of your small waist, you will want to look for dresses that hug that area nicely, without creating any bunching from any extra material, as this will do the opposite of what you want to do.

Belts are a great accessory to have, as they can be tied around your waist over an oversized top, jumper or dress, to show how tiny you actually are in that area, while making your bust and hips look incredible. It's also worth investing in a decent bra that holds your boobs correctly. And consider wearing some high waisted skirts and jeans too.

The Wedge
Wedge bodies are also known as the inverted triangle, which means they have wider shoulders and a broader chest with a narrow waist and hips.

Your main goal here is to show off those great legs while softening what going on up top to take away any harshness.

So for your legs, go a little shorter down below, while wearing something with light sleeves over your arms. This will instantly put the attention onto your bottom half, without showing off too much skin in one go.

Another way you can do this is by wearing a brighter colour on the bottom, with something neutral on top. Wide leg pants are also a great trick in creating the illusion of an hourglass shape by evening out the balance that your shoulders created.

You may want to avoid spaghetti straps and strapless tops as this will put the focus on your upper body again.

The Pear
Pear bodies have hips a lot wider than their shoulders. The bottom tends to be slightly rounded while getting narrower the higher you go.

Your goal is to add volume to your upper body, emphasizing your waist as you do so.

You can do this by playing around with different necklines when it comes to dress shopping. Sweetheart, plunging and a scoop-neck all work very well at showing off your small shoulders. Pair this with something that slims down your hips and thighs, like a tulip fitted skirt.

Experiment with lighter coloured tops and darker coloured bottoms for a nice contrast. And try some strapless dresses to show off the lovely frame you have. Add a pointed toe heel with it to extend your legs, and you'll look fabulous.

The Apple
Apple bodies carry most of their weight above their narrow hips, while the shoulders and back are quite broad.

The goal for you is to elongate that torso and show off the legs that you're working with.
Because you have a fuller torso paired with a minimal waistline, the key is to lengthen your body out.
Do this with dresses that have a V-neck. You can create your own waist and take the attention off your midsection by wearing a jacket with a lot of structure, over a dress. The jacket will essentially work as a cover up, but to others, you will look great.

If you are wearing trousers, go for something with a bootcut, or that flares out, creating an even line from your shoulders down.

The Rectangle
Rectangular bodies shoulders, waist and hips are all similar widths apart. Your goal here is to create a smaller waist, resulting in an hourglass shaped body.

Think of choosing a sweetheart neckline, as this will add more of the illusion of having curves. You could also wear a pencil skirt that has a slit up one (or both) sides, showing off the legs a little, but not too much, leaving behind visual interest.

It's all about building dimension to the body so it doesn't look flat. So wear a chunky belt that pulls you in and gives you a waist, and don't be afraid to add some accessories to the look to give it more elements
Consider wearing a two piece with a crop top and skirt, shorts, or pants. Not only is this bang on trend but it will create the illusion of a narrower waist because it's left bare.

So as you can see, there are tons of options for every kind of shape out there. So no more hiding away not knowing what to wear, and feeling down about your body. You're gorgeous, and now you know the tricks to dressing right - you have a great excuse to go on a shopping spree with your besties and look for what's hot.

As long as you wear your self-confidence, you will look amazing every day.

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