To Do List Update!

Ok, why in GOD'S NAME YouTube chooses this horrendous still from my video, I have no idea. BUT my most recent video is an update on my To-Do List and a few additions that I wanted to put on. I thought I would do it vlog stylee as I wanted to start practising doing YouTube videos a bit more and I figured it was a nice easy one to do seeing as all I needed to do was talk!

I am still yet to learn how to edit properly so for now they will just be off the cuff unedited kind of videos. Thank god I didn't make too many errors, and was able to cut off the embarrassing bit at the end where I got cramp in my foot, that's about as extensive as my editing skills are.

So check out the video and I hope you like it. I will be adding the points to my To-Do List which you can check out by clicking on the To-Do List Tab on my banner! :o)

Also please do let me know if there is anything you are working towards, I would love to know!

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