Boutique: Budget Beauty Buys!

Launched in September, Sainsburys has introduced it's own beauty range called Boutique. I was recently sent some of the collection to review and I am really impressed (and hence including it here on my Blog!)

As we approach Christmas and the shopping hours seem to diminish within a blink of an eye, it is a relief to see that you can pick up lovely stocking fillers whilst you do your Christmas big shop of sprouts, sausages and sherry!

The collection contains all the usual bits and bobs of makeup and the quality really is fantastic for a supermarket brand. The packaging feels great and what I like the most is that Sainsburys isn't featured on the branding (sorry Sainsburys). The lipsticks are really a pleasure to use and I definitely want to go instore to look at their other colours!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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