How To: Victoria's Secret Angels Hair and Beauty

The Victoria's Secret Show is one of those things that I personally find incredibly entertaining, I love the glamour and pure theatre of the show, but usually watch in awe and find myself with a major case of hair and makeup envy.

This year I thought I would take a closer look into how they go about creating those angelic locks and makeup looks and busied myself with watching as many backstage videos on YouTube as possible!

Orlando Pita was responsible for teasing the tresses into their gorgeously coiffed curls and his one tip was to add hair. Hair wefts were glued in to the models hair and then curled using GHD straighteners and/or a large barrel curling tong. Add in some backcombing around the crown and the curls brushed through and that is apparently all it takes!

Now, in real life, we are most likely not going to want to whip out the PVA and start gluing hair wefts into our hair so here are some options you could consider. Having used Beauty Works in the past, I think they are the perfect way to achieve the look with some really high quality hair. Depending on the thickness of your locks, I would suggest the following things to achieve your desired thickness;

It's also worth noting that if you have thick hair in the back and thinner hair in the front like me, you don't have to have a full head of hair and can get a bespoke weave done, like when I sampled Weave Got Style. Because I needed the volume at the front, I had 2 split rows sewn in, but just at the front. This meant that I achieved the thickness where I needed it but didn't have the stress of having too much hair to cope with!

Next we move onto 'that' Angel glow. I'm reliably informed that most Angels have a spray tan prior to the show but that each model is also buffed up with the Victoria's Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Shimmer Lotion to achieve that luminescent bronzed look as they saunter down the runway! *Runs to the Trafford Centre to bulk purchase*

Dick Page was Head Makeup Artist for the lovely ladies and he was tasked with creating that sexy but not overdone makeup look. He apparently starts his face by applying lipstick to the cheeks and nose to achieve a flushed dewy look and then adds tinted moisturiser as necessary. Bronzer is added, before the perfect nude smokey eye applied, using gold hues. Using the lightest shade in the inner corners of the eyes to open them up, the darker shade applied to the crease and then the gold pressed into the centre of the lid, say hello to your very own Angel makeup look! Lips are then prepped with plenty of lip balm and nude lipgloss applied.

I absolutely love this kind of look as it's something that isn't too difficult to achieve at home, there's just the problem that I don't have the body to match.. nor the extensive lingerie collection!

In terms of fitness, watching the YouTube videos today has taught me that they all do Ballet to help with flexibility and muscle tone. So guess who is now going to try it!? Stay tuned for SweetieSal does Ballet in an upcoming post!

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