Review: Rituals Miracle Hand Scrub

Rituals Miracle Hand Scrub £11.50*
I recently received this hand scrub to review, and as someone who ahem *regularly* makes fake tan faux pas around the hand area, along with the dreaded hand callouses from training, I was keen to give this a whirl! I really like Rituals as a brand, their aim is to make every day activities a little more enjoyable and I love that concept!

This stuff smells gorgeous and it is VERY thick. You need to give it a good warm up in your palms or add a splash of warm water to get this moving around. It's nicely exfoliating without being too gritty and it left my hands feeling soft and pampered.

This is one of those things you think you don't need it until you try it and is the perfect gift for someone you have no idea what to buy for! There is an accompanying hand balm to match and together they make a lovely gift that chances are the recipient wouldn't purchase for themselves (unless they have tried it before!)

Big thumbs up from me!

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