Elite Performance Fitness Christmas Survival Event

Last night saw my gym, Elite Performance Fitness, host their Christmas Survival Event covering how to ensure you eat, drink and be merry, healthily this Christmas.

First up we saw Chelsea Norris, her trainer Ben, and Sarah LeBroq discuss their experiences with weightloss and what they had found to work best in terms of results. Then we heard from Chris Knott and Chris Main with their suggestions of how best to tackle the dreaded Christmas overindulgence! Given that the average person puts on between 5-7lbs over Christmas I was all ears!

It was good to hear that despite the trainers encouraging all the guests and clients to try and stick to a clean diet that they are realistic and appreciate that Christmas is a social time and there will be an increase in the amount of socialising you do! With regards to drinking alcohol, Chris Knott (who pens the amazing Nutrition Guide over on Facebook) advised that you are best sticking to soda water as a mixer and also ensuring that you remain hydrated by having a few glasses of water throughout the duration of your drinking session! Beer unfortunately is a no no as it is packed full of gluten and will give the dreaded belly bloat..

With your Christmas food, Chris suggested to not eat just for eating's sake, keep your clean diet baseline and don't beat yourself up if a few treats sneak in - just don't go nuts!If you are presented with a buffet, fill up on protein first and try and avoid the carb-laden sausage rolls!

Chris Main then talked around how to approach the social side of Christmas when it involves trying to stay calm amidst working towards a goal. Both Chris' made a good point that at Christmas because everyone is being social and going out and drinking and eating, it can be quite difficult for those of us working hard at weightloss as it inevitably means the temptation to fall off the wagon increases ten fold. It all comes back down to how much your goal means to you though. When you dedicate yourself to achieving something, it naturally includes some sacrifices you will have to make. You just have to keep your goal in mind and not be swayed by people who will not care about your goal as much as you do, and that's not necessarily in a bad way, just why should your goal bother other people?

This is something I know will test me and my commitment to my goals, one of my favourite things to do is head to the Christmas Markets and sample the delicacies on offer (including a mulled wine, obvs) so not doing that this year is a break from tradition, but at the end of the day my goal means more to me than the 5 minutes of enjoyment I would get from drinking that mulled wine.

So lots to take away and think about.

We also saw local brands and businesses exhibit at the event including;

Win Naturally
Gap - St Ann's Square Manchester
Scrub and Bubble
Artiste Creative Hair and Makeup Design - introducing Motives Makeup to the UK
The Body Shop
NDT Health and Fitness

It was a great event and I definitely feel less panicked about ruining all my hard work from this year over Christmas now!

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