Sparkly Stocking Fillers for Nail Art Fans
For the nail art fans amongst you, I have been sent these super cute nail art pots to try by Original Sugar which I think are perfect stocking fillers.

The first is a glitter velveteen manicure which is £5.95*, it is super shimmery and applied over wet nail polish with a little brush that is supplied.

Next up is the dipped in sugar glitter manicure - £5.95* which is quite possibly the sparkliest nail art I have ever seen! It will look really great over the festive period - can't wait to give it a try!

The final one is the bullionaire manicure - £5.95* much like the Ciate style bead manicures from earlier this year, Original Sugar have a number of different coloured options!

All 3 options are lovely and I can't wait to give them a proper try once I have my nails filled in!

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