The Editeur: Luxe Weekday Wishlist #21

Dress Alice by Temperley // Flip Flops DVF // Drapey Knit Jumper Joseph // Pink Dress DVF // Poncho Missoni // Coat Moschino Cheap and Chic // Dress Moschino Cheap and Chic
This week's Weekday Wishlist is slightly different in that I have focussed it on a more luxe scale than the high street versions I normally do.

Every girl can dream about what you might buy if you had a little windfall or if someone gave you £1000 to fritter away and for those of us who live in the Cheshire area, I think The Editeur would be where I would choose to spend some of this fictional lottery win!

Jokes aside, if you were looking for an outfit for a special occasion and wanted something really different then I would definitely encourage you to take a look at The Editeur (online or instore depending on where you are in the Country!) With boutiques located in Chester and a new shop recently opened in Hale in Cheshire, The Editeur have some stunning pieces and stock brands that are a little more difficult to track down than some other designers that crop up all over the show.

I have picked out my favourite pieces from the site that cater for now.. (hello beyootiful Missoni Poncho and Moschino dress coat) but also some items that would be perfect in the summer months! I didn't purposefully pick out a specific colour palette but all seem to been kind of similar funnily enough?!

A friend of a friend owns The Editeur and I think the pieces they have picked out to feature are absolutely gorgeous, they clearly have a fantastic eye for style and I really wanted to showcase how amazing their offering is. The Boutiques are really lovely and are a treat to visit and soak up the beauty of the clothes. So please check them out and I am positive you will not be disappointed!!

I actually really want this poncho in a big way.. it is reduced to just under £90 and I love it.. What would you buy if someone gave you £1000 and told you to spend it on treats??

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  1. Hi just found your blog! I love this post, all the things you picked are amazing! If I had £1000, I think I'd definitely splurge on some Louboutins and a prada bag ahh!

    If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? :) If you enjoy, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x


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