#MyFirstBikini A Challenge to Myself...

I am very excited to tell you about a new challenge I am setting myself in conjunction with Elite Performance Gym in Manchester and Freya Lingerie/Swimwear!

I have NEVER worn a bikini in my life and I've decided on a whim that this summer is the summer I am going to do it! I am going to Marbella in July for a hen do and I want to be in one of Freya's gorgeous bikini's when I am partying at Ocean Club!

One of the reasons I have decided to set myself this challenge as I had heard all about Elite Performance Gym from one of my pals and the fact that they aren't like your typical gym with their 'one size fits all' approach to personal training and working towards goals.

My longer term readers may remember my dabbling with kettle bells experience and the fact that I have been trying to lose some weight through attending weight watchers. It is a slow process at the moment which I do see is healthier but also I really think I need to up the ante. I would usually shy away from PT's as I HATE the thought of being shouted at or doing in front of loads of other people! I need more gentle coersion than being shouted at...

One of the major selling points of Elite Performance Fitness is that I get a combination of training and nutrition advice based on a 'Biosignature Modulation' profile that works on the basis that certain foods do not agree with certain hormones and react as becoming fat stores. My trainer Chris will help me work towards a realistic and achievable goal (e.g. wearing a bikini and actually looking nice in it this summer!) and already I feel genuinely excited by what lies ahead. Like I said I have little to no experience in what is best exercise wise and I get bored very quickly.

I think it can be quite an intimidating experience going to a trainer, telling them what is wrong and what you want to achieve. It's like admitting you have a problem and need someone's help in getting there - I cannot stress how good these guys were in my consultation with them though. I went in feeling initially quite apprehensive that they would laugh at me and then I spoke to Chris (who will be my trainer) and Elite Performance Gym's owner Anthony and both were so nice and friendly that I was sold!

I will be documenting my progress on here over the next few weeks as I get started, with an aim to be in a gorgeous Freya bikini by mid-July!

I was introduced to Freya Lingerie and Swimwear at the #HPMLFW Event where I chatted with the team about the brand and the fact that they cater for larger cup sizes. I went and got measured and was so shocked that I have been wearing the completely wrong size for ages - it has made an incredible difference to my silhouette and made me look thinner as a result! I definitely want #myfirstbikini to be a Freya purchase as I know it will be of high quality, a lovely style and most importantly fit me properly!

So now I just need to get cracking and go full steam ahead towards my goals! If any of you are in the Manchester area are thinking about embarking on a personal training mission and have any questions or want to chat to me about the Gym before you call them then please feel free to email me - I completely understand how nerve wracking/off putting these things can be!

Alternatively contact Anthony and the team using the details above and get ready to achieve your fitness dreams :o)

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  1. Good luck with your challenge!
    I too am pushing myself to achieve my perfect bikini body but doing it at home so i would love to read about your experiences with a personal trainer!
    Also Freya make gorgeous lingerie and swimwear!


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